Blown Away by Pixar Vets’ ‘Windy Day’ on the Moto X

Exploring an immersive new world in 'Windy Day'

Exploring an immersive new world in ‘Windy Day’

I noticed an icon of a little red hat at the top of my new Moto X phone a couple days ago. I was mildly curious, but too busy editing to investigate it. Then, last night, while I was playing with the device, that hat suddenly turned 3D and started flitting about my phone’s screen as if blown by a gentle wind.

Somehow it had escaped from the grid.

Of course I started to cautiously follow the hat, wondering what the heck was going on, then tentatively poked at it. And then I was in a cartoon world in which I controlled the camera. For five or so minutes, I followed a mouse around a forest as it chased after the hat and encountered other woodland creatures. The last time I’d been so enchanted by something computer-related was the first time I’d seen the dancing baby in the late nineties.

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