Vice and Other New Media Outlets Slammed Over Poor Editing

As much as we at Executive Ink love the brash, brave new form of journalism being created by Vice and other new media outlets, their lack of professional copy editing makes it hard to slog through their otherwise fascinating features.

Even Vice needs copy editors.

Even Vice needs copy editors.

The American Copy Editors Society (ACES) agrees: “People who don’t think online audiences see value in editing might be surprised,” Fred Vultee wrote in his piece “More Advice for Vice: Why Hiring Copy Editors Is a Really Good Idea” on the American Copy Editors Society’s website. “Readers are busy, but they aren’t dumb.”

A two-year-old study by ACES contradicted the industry notion that “online audiences don’t notice the majority of the work a copyeditor does.” Readers responded much more favorably to edited articles.

But, wrote Vultee, even though readers “can tell a man eating tiger from a man-eating tiger . . . they appreciate it when copy editors decide not to obsess about hyphenating constructions like ‘school board candidate’ and instead concentrate on the clarity and structure.”

For nearly two decades, Executive Ink’s Tom O’Connell has been like the perfect bassist in the band, whose work, if he’s doing his job right, is invisible to the untrained eye.

Restless adventurer now gets his kicks in real estate

CBRE Senior VP David Eagle discusses his wild life and times in 2008 profile.

CBRE Senior VP David Eagle discusses his wild life and times in 2008 profile.

Here is an example of a professionally written and photographed corporate profile, written in 2008 by Tom O’Connell for the 4/18/08 issue of NM Business Weekly, that makes for interesting reading on any corporate website or blog. Ask today about an Executive Ink Corporate Profile.

David Eagle says he derives as much excitement from Albuquerque commercial real estate as he did from trading ebony in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

You can’t sail your boat on yesterday’s wind. You’re only as good as what you’re doing on the next deal.

“I think what I’m doing right now is pretty exciting, trying to create a dominant multi-family brokerage operation,” he says.

The senior vice president of CB Richard Ellis New Mexico heads up the firm’s Multi-Housing Group, which has been responsible for $550 million in sales in the past two years. With all that mad investment money flying about, perhaps the excitement of hanging around in far-flung jungles in his younger days pales in comparison.

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Why Should You Hire a Copy Editor?

Writing’s hard, and many companies leave the task to nonprofessional writers on their staff. Which is fine, since there are many competent writers in any business setting. But companies run into trouble when they fail to see the value in hiring a seasoned

Typos are painful when you spot them.

Typos are painful when you spot them.

editorial pro to clean up their copy. The result? Well, not every customer or potential customer is going to notice the occasional typo, bad apostrophe or run-on sentence. But plenty of people do notice. Badly edited copy affects brands. Professionally edited content makes a brand stand out. It shows your audience that you care about the littlest of details. It helps build trust in your brand. And professional editing won’t break your budget.

Hit us up for a rate quote today.

Meet the ‘Activist at Birth’ Who Brought the DOJ to ABQ

Jewel Hall was leading the fight in 2012 to bring the U.S. Department of Justice to Albuquerque to investigate police use of force

The increasingly militarized look and tactics of America's police.

The increasingly militarized look and tactics of America’s police.

when she learned that eight cops had fired 46 bullets at her own son back in Michigan, killing him and sparking an international outcry.

Milton Hall was mentally ill, lived on the streets and had been accused of stealing a cup of coffee, she said.

Michigan police gunning down mentally ill homeless man Milton Hall, son of Albuquerque activist Jewel Hall.

It was all too familiar to the retired science teacher and union leader, 83, who has seen hundreds of young men killed by Albuquerque police since moving here in 1977. But when the bodies started falling even faster than usual—23 killed and 14 wounded by officers over four years—Hall and her fellow activists at the Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Council of Albuquerque, which she cofounded in 1990, started talking. And then Christopher Torres, the son of the group’s longtime vice president, Renetta Torres, was killed in 2011. That’s when they organized the ad hoc Martin Luther King Task Force and got to work. Continue reading

Blown Away by Pixar Vets’ ‘Windy Day’ on the Moto X

Exploring an immersive new world in 'Windy Day'

Exploring an immersive new world in ‘Windy Day’

I noticed an icon of a little red hat at the top of my new Moto X phone a couple days ago. I was mildly curious, but too busy editing to investigate it. Then, last night, while I was playing with the device, that hat suddenly turned 3D and started flitting about my phone’s screen as if blown by a gentle wind.

Somehow it had escaped from the grid.

Of course I started to cautiously follow the hat, wondering what the heck was going on, then tentatively poked at it. And then I was in a cartoon world in which I controlled the camera. For five or so minutes, I followed a mouse around a forest as it chased after the hat and encountered other woodland creatures. The last time I’d been so enchanted by something computer-related was the first time I’d seen the dancing baby in the late nineties.

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Consultant Warns Healthcare Providers of HIPAA Changes


Healthcare providers warned of HIPAA changes

In our first blog post for Executive Ink client Matterform Media, an Albuquerque-based specialist in line-of-business technical consulting, we discuss the concerns faced by healthcare providers in the wake of changes made by the federal government to its patient-data guidelines. Changes include the types of entities that can now be fined under HIPAA–such as insurers and even web designers. The government has also changed its approach to enforcing these guidelines, and is targeting even small providers whose focus should be on what’s most important: keeping folks healthy.

Read on to see how Matterform can help protect firms from the government’s expanded regulatory bull’s-eye.