About Me

Executive Ink founder Tom O’Connell worked as a copy editor and writer for top New York City-based national publications for 10 years, landing his first editorial position at the now-defunct punk-rock newsweekly the New York Press in the nineties.

His editorial talents helped perk up the prose of consumer magazines including Spin, Entertainment Weekly, Stuff, Vanity Fair, InStyle and Self. Since 2006 he has lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he’s been busy as a newspaper reporter, gentleman adventurer and all-around freelance word bum from his home office. He lives to edit, and takes pride in providing his clients with flexibility, quality work and quick turnaround. O’Connell is a one-man operation, but whenever he gets in over his head, he has at his disposal a crack team of highly skilled ninja editors from around the United States to pick up the slack.